Bryeridge Carry On My Wayward Son CGC CGCA "Dean"


Dean lives with my long time friend Sheila.. Love this beautiful guy:)


DOB- April 7 2017
CHIC# 139636 
Hips GR-125690G24M-VPI
Elbows GR-EL45260M-VPI
Dentition GR-DE872/24M-VPI
Degenerative Myelopathy - GR-DM565/8M-PI
GR1 PRA- GR-GR1-865/8M-PI
Ichthyosis- GR-ICH910/8M-PI
GR2 PRA- GR-GR2-679/8M-PI
Legg-Calve-Perthes GR-LP268/24M-VPI
NCL - Paw Print Clear 
Ich 2 Paw Print Clear

Am-Can.Ch. Venture Redog's Magic Hat Trick OS

BISS AM.Ch Sunbeam's Private Party OS

BISS Ch. Sunbeams Command Performance SDHF OS

Can. Ch. Goldenbear Gowing Wild At Sunbeam

AM-Can Ch. Karagold's Whistin N'the Wind CD RN OD

BIS BISS Am./Arg. Ch. Gorca's Merlin OS SDHF

Ch. KaraGold's Best Kept Secret OD

Ch. Shyan's Double Trouble OD

BIS/BISS Can/Am. CH. Klaasem's Zoom Zoom Zoom Can. SDHF Can/Am. OS

Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS

BIS Can. Ch. Prospectors Klaasem Ooh La La

Am.CH. Shyan's My Heart Desire OD BISS

Am CH Golden Gait Sunshine's High Road OS

Quest'n'shyan Special Recipe OD

Am/Can Ch. Eirene Laurell Onefor the Money

Ch Laurell's Butterfly Kisses

Can.Ch Porterfield's Ain't It Great Bein' Me