Nevani I Like Big Boats And I Can Not Lie - Wave

Wave 2023

Nevani I Like Big Boats And I Can Not Lie- Wave

GCH Tangleloft Take The Money And Run BISS OS

BISS Am GCH AM/Can Ch Yukon's Turn The Page Am/Can OS

Ch Tangleloft Take Center Stage OD

Ch Tangleloft Rock Around The Clock OD

Ch Tangleloft The Heat Is On SDHF OS

BISS AM Can Ch Lazydaze Party'N At Tangleloft OD SDHF

Am Ch. Dalane's Kix On Route Sixty Six OS

BIS BISS Am. CH. Twin-Beau-D's Peterbuilt OS SDHF

Am Ch Dalanes Tlaquepaque Moccasin OD

Ch. Ind. Ch. Th Siomha Jurel-Argentina

BISS MULTI BIS Ch. JOV CHI Ch. CHI Ch ARG Apolo De Himmelstein

MULTI BIS GR Ch ARG Ch LAT Ch. INT Ch INTC Sidney Leon Del Cielo